“Stay Real”

Seminar, 10 December 2019, The Hirschsprung Collection, Copenhagen

How to identify, preserve and work with authenticity in House Museums and Collection Museums in the Nordic countries

A network meeting for curators, researchers and conservator-restorers working with house museums and collection museum in the Nordic Countries.

In a museum landscape of ever increasing pressure to present success and output, it is important to remember who we are and why we are here. House and collection museums in the Nordic countries have a rich history linked to lived life, to artists and to collectors. The seminar brings us together to share experiences and research.

We are proud to present the key-note:

Is there a museum in the house?

Sceptical ways of looking at house museums

by Linda Young, emeritus Deakin University, Melbourne

Seminar programme to follow shortly

registration: https://www.dkmuseer.dk/aktivitet/seminar-stay-real